Production of workwear

Lenador is specialized on the design and production of high quality workwear. You get a high quality product exclusively produced for you. Lenador is a high class white label producer for business customers. We are not participating in the consumer markets. Some facts about our production:

Industriearbeiter beim Schweißen
Sichere Kleidung für alle Anwendungen

Where do we manufacture our products?
Lenador is produces solely within Europa - with the main focus on Serbia and the Republik of Macedonia. Your clothing will be manufactured with the latest technology under the supervision of our staff. 

What do we produce?

Lenador produces all kinds of functional clothing. That includes promotional clothing as well as special protective wear for heavy industries production. From underwear to working clothes, that will resist all kinds of physical load in every day work.

How do we produce?
Lenador fully adopts to your specific requirements. We produce according to your prototype or develop design and functionality together with you. A standard production will not take longer than six weeks from order to delivery - thanks to our short ways within Europe. How do you benefit through our fully European production process? You can quickly react to your customers demands and reproduce your clothing within very short time.  That keeps your stock down and your flexibility up. Try us!

By which means do we produce?

We fully rely on top quality materials. We do only manufacture cloths and accessories from notable European vendors. Brands like Klopman (GER) and Tencate (NL) are frequently used for our highly durable products. You can choose among a variety of cloth qualities - from 140 g/m² up to more than 300 g/m². We offer serveral mixtures of cotton and synthetic fibres - depending on your requirements. 


Further information on our suppliers and materials