Lenador. Producing your workwear

Hard work. Challenging use. Lenador produces workwear for all kind of purposes. For heavy industries, for medical fields, for cleaning staff and for emplyees in gastronomy.  Lenador is an Austrian based company and produces solely in Europe. Using locally produced high quality cloths. Made with the best machinery. For the best machinists.

Lenador - your discreet brand producer. Lenador manufactures clothing for your brand. Following your specifications and your patterns. Or - if recquired - we develop your items. Quick as we are, reliable and in the highest quality available. 

Clothing for your company . Your employees give the strongest impression of your company. Lenador produces heavy-duty workwear in your brand design. Whatever you need. Lenador is ready to produce it. 

European top quality

Lenador counts on sustainable textile production. That is why all our production plants are located in Europe. What is your benefit? Short distances mean fast delivery and all opportunities in the production process. We assure that all your products are manufactured under fair and environmentally clean circumstances.

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